Oilfree Air Compressor

Riem Italy Compressors Assistance is a company with forty and more years of experience in the sale and assistance on industrial compressors. We are able to satisfy any type of request on rotary screw and piston machines, new and used. Our best service is the reconditioning to “zero” hour guaranteed compressors. We represent major brands such as Ceccato Compressors (screw compressors and lubricated pistons, ranging from 1.5 kW up to 250 kW) and Gardner Denver lubricated and oil free screw compressors, with a range from 2 to 315 kW.

Industrial Compressors Assistance: our services

Oil Free Screw Group Refurbish

Riem Italy is able to make a zero-hour reconditioning processes of the Z screw elements with the application, if necessary, of new screws. Element reconditioning operations include: replacement of the screws, sandblasting and dimensional checks for any element, sandblasting of cylinders, painting with patented coating (teflon coating RS), replacement of bearings, seals, gaskets, springs, gears, balancing membrane replacement, element test.

Overhaul of lubricated screw units

Riem Italy is specialized in overhauling lubricated screw units for every type of compressor. Our team is prepared to redesign and rebuild worn-out compressors thanks to a well-supplied machine tool department.

Lubricated Compressors and Oil Free Maintenance

Our team with years of experience is perfectly able to propose and manage maintenance and predictive contracts on every type of volumetric compressor. We also have equipment with high technological standards capable of providing immediate diagnosis on compressors even on site. We carry out extraordinary revisions to “zero” hours of the machines and each revision is tested on a test bench present in our operating office. We are equipped with mobile cranes up to 80 quintals.


We perform diagnostic surveys with the most sophisticated instruments of today: SPM measurements on bearings of rotary machines for checking the state of wear and preventing machine downtime Analysis of energy costs of your compressors room, to check possible energy savings Leak tests on air and gas pipes Analysis with thermal cameras on power lines and power panels Analysis of DEW POINT